Is Self-Care Indulgent or Investment?

New Yorkers…hard at the core but soft to the touch. This would describe my dear friend Johnny from Jersey. A city boy, born and bred New York style! His parents are first generation Italian immigrants who paved the way for their beloved and only son. Together they raised a fine and generous gentleman, with a heart of gold and a soul beyond his years. His sophistication and passion for pop culture made Johnny my immediate go-to! And just like a real wall-street junkie, when I summoned Johnny to help me find a locale for a weekend away, he slowly smirked at me and exclaimed with such an air of confidence, “Miami Beach…I go every year, it won’t disappoint.”

That was all the encouragement I needed…Producer and Yogi gal pals in need of a get-a-way. Our voice of reason recommended the ultimate hip, cultural, beach-front destination. So we caught the next flight out of town and made our way to SoBe, otherwise known as South Beach, with a beeline to the recommend from our wall-street guru.

Once we arrived in what felt more like “little Morocco” than the Sunshine state, the accents changed quickly from New York Sicilian to Southern Hispanic. We knew, we weren’t in Kansas anymore! The sun beat down hard on the aqua coloured waters and the salty breeze off the shore swept across the sheltered bar and resto. The breeze gave movement to the waving hanging white silk sheaths that created columns of decorative interest. The purity in the shapes combined with the vibrant Moroccan colours and sensual scents of lemongrass and Satsuma created an experience of more than just a modern hotel in the middle of South Beach, but a transformation with all the services and amenities one needs to rejuvenate and self invest.

It dawned on me at this moment that self-investment is one of the most important commodities to protect. But so often, we feel guilt or discomfort devoting time and attention for the purpose of self-preservation. As Johnny would attest, the wall-street junkies are constantly learning and always pursuing additional information to make informed and knowledgeable decisions about their investments. As a yogi, becoming in-tune with my body allows me to read the signals the body communicates. It’s much like a financial planner and how passively or high risk seeking they invest your money for your economic future. Knowing the signs of the body is just like understanding the trends of the market. It allow us to make calculated and educated health and wellness choices.

As we settled into our new environment and what it had to offer we strategically placed ourselves in the lap of luxury. But a kind of luxury that wasn’t intimidating or too beautiful to touch. Everything here was filled with vibrancy, colour, and a welcoming nature that drew you in closer to the flavour of the community. This was a community rich in style, eclectic in design, mixing modern lines with traditional colours inspired by the flavour of Marrakesh. The poolside surrounded by 4 post-beds and lanterns all decorated with the brightest linens and copper accents, acted as a conduit for solar energies that you could only truly experience by becoming part of the furniture. The invitations were endless…

The sensual breezes sent us on a tour from the bowels of the building to the top. From industrial corridors where you felt perhaps a little like you had been lead down a trippy underground path to 15 stories above sea level. Landing on a balcony where you could inhale the sea for as far as the eye could see. Now sitting pretty on roof top retreat we waited to be escorted into spa rooms that gave you panoramic views of the ocean and all South Beach had to offer. The textures of materials mixed with the fresh vibrant scents made for a luxurious moment in time.

And then it dawned on my yogic sense of morality…was I being indulgent in taking care of myself or was it truly the best investment I could make? Considering Johnny, the investment banker, was forced to take a mandatory, 2 week consecutive break from his work, with no access to his email and server, I quickly acknowledged my guilt and accepted the value of rejuvenation.

So the poolside Moroccan canopy beds gave me the opportunity to quiet my mind and improve the thinking process. The protected sun intake allowed me natural vitamin D to help keep my immunity strong. The endless pitchers of water and fresh smoothies allowed me to nourish my body and rid toxins. The touch of a skilled massage therapist moved the channels and blockages through my system that increased better circulation, deep relaxation, and musculature freedom. The simplicity of the rooms and luxurious linens gave rest a whole new meaning. And I slowly began to rid any guilt and indulged. Like a mandatory wall-street vacation…I began to reap the many benefits that come from recharging. The return on my self investment was ten fold. Namaste

Inspired by The Shore Club, South Beach, Miami Florida,

November, 2014