Rediscover Wholeness in your Life with Yoga

“Yoga allows you to rediscover a sense of wholeness in your life, where you do not feel like you are constantly trying to fit broken pieces together” ~BKS Iyengar

As human beings we seem to “get-off” on categorizing our lives and the elements around us, helping us to define where we best “fit-in”. For instance, we see those who are considered “Type-A” and deem others as “Right-brained”. There are people who need structure, perhaps are motivated by wealth, and others who are driven by their excitement and the need for freedom and flexibility. This latter category of humans is one I refer to as “Passion Enthusiasts”.

A passion driven person is often someone who battles with the left-brain vs. right-brain dominance. You might come across a passion-motivated person who has multiple talents that are gifted to them naturally but threatens a painful curse at the same time. Likely the kinds of people you find under this umbrella are lovers, dreamers, and those that are zealous enough about their natural gifts, they successfully use their zest to nourish a lifestyle. The most balanced “Passion Enthusiasts” find stability in perhaps more left-brain professions combining their right-brain needs. But for those “Passion Enthusiasts” who cannot focus on their best talent and turn it into a living, they are often left constantly searching and aching for the answers.

A “Passion enthusiast” can be understood more precisely if we use the analogy of hyper flexible joints within the human body. Hyper flexibility too is a gift and a curse some of us are granted by birth. Also known as being “double jointed”, or when you experience hyper mobility in your joints that behave like an owl’s head! You have been “gifted” hyper mobility requiring little aid from your muscles as your loose joints can manage just fine alone, but not indefinitely.

“Passion Enthusiasts” may experience fame but no fortune, talent but no forum, or intellect but no degree. They are gifted a special natural aptitude that is hyper talented but lack the support, like a hyper flexible joint. Here’s the scenario… the joint one-day reaches its peak performance by reaching as far around backwards as it ever has and pops the socket, the consequences are numerous. An experience any “Passion Enthusiast” can relate to as they have the ability to reach excellence to the highest accolades but often have to deal with limitations and learn to see the roads paved in rose-colour gold instead of yellow.

As overwhelming as it may seem to become mindful of every muscle, ligament, tendon, fiber, and felt sense for a hyper mobile individual, the same is true for the “Passion Enthusiast”. Without a heightened sense of awareness, a new intelligence about your talents, insight into your gifts, we suffer certain consequences. Be it a dislocated joint, or disjointed pathway leading to the roads paved in gold. Yoga is a practice that supports all kinds of people. For the “Passion Enthusiast”, yoga can be used to support the talent and bring awareness to the challenges. A yoga practice is a gift, a self-help tool, and a way to find modesty. Let your yoga practice lead you to a path filled with passion, balance, and stability. Namaste