SEASONAL change and all her Glory

This past week has marked a significant change of season. Not only by our cultural celebrations but also by the lunar energy shift around the spring awakening. I always find the spring such a pivotal time for transformation. And this year is no different except that the alignment for spiritual connection perhaps, has a more universal energy behind it, supporting us and creating a safe haven in which to universally bond.

So I ask myself, how does organized religion, the moon phases, and yoga help affect change? According to one philosopher, Leonard Perlmutter, author and creator of, “Both Easter and Passover teach the same yogic Truth: when we consciously choose to escape our own mental house of bondage, we see that the death of each debilitating habit clears the way for resurrection to a higher consciousness and the freedom to dwell in the Land of Milk and Honey.”

So, if we examine what the Blue Moon represents, Blue hues are all about communication and clarity of expression. Consider the Yogic symbolism attached to the Chakras, the energy sources that live within us. In the case of a Blue Moon, the Throat Chakra, is all about details and control: The throat chakra governs the body’s thyroid; which also has the power over our major organs and metabolism. Emotionally, this chakra is the authority in self-expression and speech. When we can connect with this chakra we can access a greater creative expression and communication.

Lastly, in this formula, Yoga too is a transformative element when practiced consistently, with a disciplined application. After some time, your body will learn to communicate with you on deeper levels where vibrations and energies will have an everlasting effect. Yoga can help us alter from the metaphysical to spiritual. When we can go inward with more security, communicate with more purity, and live side by side each with more tolerance and respect, we will have survived the first part of our spring makeover. The next few months are critical in setting the intention and outcome in your personal journey and quest for universal connection.

Spring is a time of development, a fresh start, with many new births and growth that will exponentially fill our surroundings. Allow this time to influence you to walk along side of our neighbours with respect and inquisition. Become familiar with your inner voice and truths and speak with a new consciousness. Begin to develop an ear for the vibrations of lunar energy that surrounds us daily. And then ask yourself how is your yoga working for you?