The Vagina Monlogue

Some people refer to it as grooming, others talk about it in shapes such as a triangle, landing strip, full package, or completely bare. It seems this bikini line and choice of style is a very personal decision and similar to how we express ourselves in our choice of dress. As we are all somewhat susceptible to how we are perceived or what our style may communicate to others it is noteworthy to recognize, that we may even be judged by our personal grooming choices.

It was very interesting to me when I decided it was time for a personal grooming change and how it contributed to my self-image.

I was quite protective and perhaps even a little proud of my old-school grooming style. Modeled after some of my favourite 70’s icons, I felt feminine and confident in my choices. My sense of self was strong. However, I quickly became very vulnerable and surprised when I learned my style was less than desirable and I felt a little judged and embarrassed. Was it possible that my positive self-image was just bruised by how I styled my bikini line area?

We expose ourselves to others so much more readily today on social media than ever before. Allowing ourselves to be scrutinized, criticized, and judged by strangers that we refer to as "friends". When my real friends and long time aesthetician berated me for my old-school bikini line style, I found myself relating to how many women might feel. Body image, be it a fixation with a facial flaw or obsession with calories, weight, or just general negative feelings about your appearance, can be all consuming and destructive to self-esteem.

One of yoga’s fundamental principles is that deep inside we are each perfect. And if we can recognize ourselves as just so, instead of focusing on behaviours and flaws we might be embarrassed or guilt ridden by, we can more clearly see ourselves as fundamentally perfect!

For anyone struggling with self-image issues as simple as a full package or completely bare bikini area style or as great as a harsh self-critic, know that with a regular yoga practice you will learn how to stand tall figuratively and physically. You can learn to deep breathe and literally release the guilt, shame or embarrassment, no matter how deep it runs. Namaste