My Journey


I wasn’t always a yoga instructor…. In fact, I have been many things and strive to be many more. Once an advertising exec, working in a frenetic Creative Services and Operations Departments, my nervous system was in a constant state of a “fight-or-flight” response. Supervising tight deadlines while refining production lines became less about the creative high, and mostly about time and money. I suppressed my stress and began to develop reoccurring digestive issues. Next, I experienced acute and stubborn rashes and skin outbreaks. By the time I was 35, I knew it was time to make a radical lifestyle change as my spirit and passion became dull. I felt suffocated inside of myself. Sound familiar?

It was a true battle of the “Monkey-mind” that lead me to my mat. The Monkey-mind is a Buddhist term that refers to being unsettled, restless, and perhaps confused. The Monkey-mind is the part of our brain that is connected to our ego and our inner critic. This kind of brain wiring has the power to stifle creativity and prevent forward movement towards making good decisions. The Monkey-mind insists on being heard loud and clear. Right?

In the efforts to manage the strength of a Monkey-mind, keeping it positive and motivating it is a skill set necessary for many. Often, those who experience high vibration communications, ultra feelers, otherwise known as Hyper Sensitive People are familiar with the Monkey-mind.

After tasting some freedom from my inner chatter with my yogasana work using “meditation in action” as a technique, I fell hard and deeply in love with yoga. Then I began to feel reverberating effects from having the ability to calm the Monkey-mind. My irritable bowels and digestive health started to improve significantly. My energy was more focused, my clarity went beyond skin deep. My yoga had a profound transformation on my body, in my mind, and encompassing my soul. Strike a chord?

After several years of a more dedicated and deeper commitment to my practice, I came to understand how to heal my injuries both physically and emotionally. The Iyengar yoga system focuses on an anatomical practice and teaches the body about refined and defined alignment; I have used the therapeutics of this system to strengthen, support, and control my digestive system, my immune system, rehab a completely disrupted (ACL) anterior cruciate ligament in my knee, strengthen and reduce a hernia caused by torn transverse abdominal muscles, and relieve sciatica. Ever had an "Ah-ha" moment?

I use my yoga practice on and off the mat and I practice my yoga on and off the mat. Today, I am a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher as well as a Mother, Singer, Healthy Food Enthusiast, Animal Lover… and I continue to strive to be much more.

Yoga for Everybodii