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Yoga has radically changed my life, leading to greater health and happiness. I wasn’t always a yoga teacher, and when I found yoga, it helped revitalize my entire life. Learn more about my journey here.

Iyengar yoga is practiced all over the world and is one of the most popular forms of yoga. It focuses on classical instruction and consists of at least 200 different poses, many different variations, and applications, to maintain interest and challenge the body. Learn more about Iyengar yoga and the benefits of healing, pain relief, and peace of mind it can provide.

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Online Iyengar Yoga Class:

Though yoga is considered a form of exercise, the “yoga” of the practice is the peace of mind that we find in class, and as we continue to practice, we can find it in our daily lives. Yoga with Sam focuses on building strength and flexibility while also promoting pain relief for injuries and areas affected by chronic pain. Sam’s online yoga classes allow you to get all of the benefits of the yoga practice in the comfort of your own home. Private yoga classes are also provided. Get started today and learn why so many in the Toronto area love the Iyengar practice and yoga with Sam.

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Why Choose Yogabodii?

Yogabodii offers you the benefits of a boutique yoga studio right in your own home. What’s more, you get to enjoy yoga with Sam which means a meaningful practice that will restore both mind and body. Though each yoga class offered is different, Sam always offers an experience that can help to promote healing, increase strength, and revitalize the entire body as well as the mind. She loves working with yogis of all ages and levels and has developed a reputation for providing a high-quality experience which is only reaffirmed by student reviews. Whether you are new to yoga or want to take your practice to the next level, Yogabodii is a place for you.

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Aviva Klein | Student

“Samantha is a dedicated and knowledgeable practitioner. I’ve been practicing with her for nearly ten years and I’ve been able to improve my overall back health, core strength, and flexibility. I would recommend her services to just about anyone!!”

Camille Lawson | Student

“Sam has a very special style of teaching yoga. She explains the movements and positions with such precise language that I am amazed at how I am able to flow into the movement. I get much better results and feel the difference! Really happy that we met Sam and I will definitely continue with her classes. My tennis body says thank you:)”

Litsa Rorris | Student

“The combination of Samantha's authentic approach and her focus on my personal goals have been a game-changer. After injuring my hip a few years ago, I have regained strength and stamina and trust her implicitly. Her beautiful, intuitive nature and patience continue to inspire me to reach new heights!”

Holly Shonaman | Student

“After years of intermittent yoga practice, I found Sam’s Iyengar practice body and life changing. Her focus on form makes a big difference to the benefit you get from the poses. And her selection of poses seemed custom tailored to a WFH/tied to an office chair person like me. I can’t say enough about Sam’s method and manner. This is the only yoga for me.”

Sherry Adud | Student

“I want to thank Samantha Beiderman from Yogabodi. I have been seeing Sam for the past 5 years and I cannot say enough about the work we have done. I always tell people that I’m not sure I would be walking today if it wasn’t for Sam. Sam uses Iyengar yoga to help correct and align the spine and your body. Although she cannot fix it all by herself and does need her clients to work hard and be committed, it has helped me tremendously. Over the past five years I have learned to take my learnings from Sam’s studio out into my everyday life. Thank you Sam and look forward to our continued success!”


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With Yogabodii’s online yoga class, you will get:

  • A beginner’s level or intermediate level class that is challenging and safe

  • Clear explanation of movements and flow throughout class

  • An immersive experience in the Iyengar yoga tradition

  • An opportunity to enjoy yoga within the comfort of your home

  • Postures that build strength and flexibility

  • Breathing exercises and a flow designed for peace of mind

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