Working with Sam will teach you how to perform classical Yoga poses that offer techniques in alignment with a therapeutic biproduct. Iyengar yoga demands a vigorous effort balanced with a focused and kind mind. Yoga is an alternative practice that has scientifically been proven to aid and relieve many acute and chronic ailments, stresses, and anxieties. Yoga is a skill set when practiced continually and consistently, increases the overall quality of your life and happiness.

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"I began classes with Sam Bederman a handful of months ago just prior to an injury. I had been involved in the world of yoga for decades and was well aware how vital the breath in life is and the manner in which it sustains me. Post injury I was ignorant to the fact that I had lost my ability to use breath as a healing tool if in fact I was breathing at all. Once again, I felt I was a novice in yoga and had in many ways had to start anew. Through guided yoga practice Sam helped me redefine and discover my breath. A breath for healing for this new phase of my life. It was a very unique experience and Sam supported me in a way that allowed me to feel safe secure and embraced. Sam is an intuitive sensitive and caring professional and I continue to learn a great deal from her vast knowledge."

~ HF, Yoga Instructor

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"I have had the pleasure of working with Sam for over four years. Sam is extremely knowledgeable about the body and in teaching Iyengar yoga. She is also very intuitive when it comes to her students’ needs. Many a time I have gone to my mat with this or that hurting, and Sam is able to change her whole practise on a dime to better suit my needs. She pushes me to be a better practitioner in a kind and adaptive way. I have tremendous respect for her teaching and yogic ways. As Sam often says ” just come to your mat and let the yoga take you away.”

I hopefully will do just that for a long, long, time."


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"I’m a middle age male. I was in a serious life-threatening vehicle accident and suffered major physical injuries as well as severe brain damage. Once released from the hospital and Toronto Rehab I still required years of therapy. I had seven different types of therapies. As I recovered, I left therapist after therapist…but the one I held on to was the one that helped me with my complete recovery, the one where I would start feeling well again! That was my Yoga with Samantha Bederman. She got me through my clinical depression in a more complete way then my psychiatrist! She helped me breath more effectively although my lungs and chest cavity had been severely damaged. She helped me relax and deal with my condition and my situation.

Although I have almost totally recovered, I still use her services to continue to help me feel better. “The mind is the king of the body, but the breath is the king of the mind”, BKS Iyengar. Sam helped me get both back!!!"

- BW, Engineer

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"Samantha Bederman is just plain awesome. I have been attending weekly Iyengar Yoga classes with her for over 5 years now. She has been able to help me isolate body parts, broaden my body intelligence and deliver yoga sessions to help eliminate pain in my body. With her help, I have become stronger, more in tune with my body, understand proper posture and alignment and effective ways to stretch. Her knowledge of the body is amazing, which in turn, helps her deliver effective and worthwhile sessions to her students. I highly recommend Sam to anyone!!!"

- MA, Teacher

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"When I started working with Sam, I was struggling with a serious bout of sciatica which was impacting my daily functioning. I’ve been practicing with Sam for a year and a half now and only get the odd twinge — nothing like the constant pain I had. Working one-on-one means Sam knows my body (almost better than I do!) and tailors each yoga practice to my needs that day. With inflammation issues and hyper-mobile joints, yoga is a lifesaver for me and working with Sam has improved my mobility and quality of life immeasurably."

~ LH, MA Psychology

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"Several years ago, I was suffering from several recurring conditions including a chronically painful back and yearly bouts of pneumonia that left me feeling both exhausted and demoralized. My doctor recommended that I try restorative yoga. I began working weekly with Samantha and within a few months, I was beginning to feel much better. Samantha’s combination of encyclopaedic knowledge of yoga, her positivity and deep empathy, and her marvellous attention to detail in every facet of her practice combined to make a huge difference in the quality of my life in very short order. Not only did Sam help me build a base of muscular control that strengthened my back helping it to become pain-free, her instruction also improved my respiratory health to the point that I have not suffered a bout of pneumonia in almost three years. I cannot recommend Sam’s services at Yogabodii, more highly."

~ ET, Musician